That's My Witch

That's My Witch


 Hello I am J-Dotson aka James Dotson and have been drawing my whole life. I always got straight A's in art classes, elementary through high school. After high school I enlisted in the U.S. Army served 4 active and 1 in reserves. While in there I went overseas for a 2 year tour in Germany... I continued drawing while there and started collecting comic books. I also begain to draw figures from those books mostly Wolverine. I also picked up the shutter bug while there and collected photo eqt. I loved going down the Rhine river snapping photos of all the castles.
I wish I knew then what I know now, sorry for the cliché but I do. I wish I had taken a few college course on old uncle Sam's dime. I didn't and settled for a trade instead still using some of uncle Sam's money anyway. Well long story short I got back home and got married etc. etc. Still drawing on occasion keeping my drawings tucked away until one day when we finally got a printer scanner mostly for pictures but then I ran across a web-comic called Girls With Slingshots. The name intrigued me and I became a daily reader. I also began  to draw again and thought well maybe I will but mine on the internet and come up with a web-comic myself... So I have began to put my drawings on my pc and trying to teach myself how to use Gimp and photo manipulation software to help enhance  my art.
I like to do some political cartoons now and then as well so I though I would have this particular site revolve around a bunch all of my interest so I needed a name. I went through a lot of them until finally landing on J-Dotson Cartoons...
I have also came up with and in the process of writing a comic called "That's My Witch". I may eventually move it to it's own website but is published here for now. So please enjoy and feel free to leave comments as you please.

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