That's My Witch

That's My Witch

Sunday, January 31, 2016

That's My Witch #27

Well isn't LOVE supposed to be!? I sure hope so.
I wonder if James knows what he is getting into? The last panel is the best I could come up with this time for a little magic flash. Please if anyone has better method and would not care to share it, leave me a comment on it. As I have explained this is just to give me an artist outlet, I hope I am improving with my art and that you can tell. I am also trying to change their appearance to make it simpler for me to draw. I am always searching for better ways make this strip. Be it materials to the process etc. I will listen to any advise anyone offers. If I think will work I do apply it.
If one day, I get enough interest and views I want to move the comic to it's own site. Fingers crossed. The best would be to see it in print. I see so many comics ending it saddens me.
For now it is just my place on the web.
If you enjoy it please share it.
Thanks for stopping by.


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