That's My Witch

That's My Witch

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sleeping on the job, could be hazardous...


Here is another old drawing I did by hand back in 2003, not sure what inspired this one. I loved it after I drew it though. I am still working with Gimp. Thus the reason for all the older drawings. I love to free hand draw on sketch paper or drawing paper, I then scan them on to the computer with a scanner. Usually I ink them first on tracing paper. It is a lot faster but I don't always like the look I get from it. Lot of artist ink straight to their sketch, I don't know why but I always feel like I am destroying my art when I do that. I guess something I got to work on. This piece I inked with Gimp and my tablet. It took a long, long, long,  time to get this one inked. I am learning new tricks each week. I stated last post I usually watch each Friday night he broadcast Lartist at work with Lar Desouza. He uses windows and Magna studio and Photo shop and draws straight to his wacom tablet screen. I can't afford that but hope to upgrade to a Wacom Bamboo Create soon. That is if our Government has not let us go over the fiscal cliff, all they have been talking about and trying to work on at the time I created this post... Fingers crossed... Well I hope someone is enjoying these and feel free to comment and critique as you wish... Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and it is prosperous for us all everyone! All over the world...
Thanks for  your time...


  1. Shouldn't have lit that fire. Nice one.

  2. LOL...I really like how this one came out...Thanks for checking it out Bearman...


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