That's My Witch

That's My Witch

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Boogie Smeagol

 Boogie Smeagol !!!

I hope to go see the new movie the Hobbit over the holidays. I am sure nothing will be doing the Boogie in it.
 I got the idea for this a while back at work. Some guys where singing the chorus to Boogie fever not sure why, think they were making fun of us older folks who work there and they later made reference to a part we were out of stock on and finally got some in and they went around saying My Precious every time they went to get one to use. That is how I came up with Boogie Smeagol... I just had to draw it...
Hope you enjoy it, at least it will be a break from me bashing the politicians for a while anyway. I can't help it they make it WAY to easy...


  1. Good tactic, mashing two supposedly unrelated things together.

  2. Thanks Colleen... Thanks for checking it out and commenting...

  3. Love it. Awesome job on the feet too...I hate drawing feet.

  4. Thanks Bearman... Yea I know what you mean. Thanks for taking time to check it out..


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