That's My Witch

That's My Witch

Sunday, September 2, 2012

That's My Witch #3

" Tami Time !!! " This is the third in my online comic that I am trying to get up an going... There are previous post #1 & #2 if any wants to see them. Going to plan to post 1 a week and maybe filler cartoons in between if I feel a itch to post one... Probably a political one... lol. Hope you enjoy it and become a weekly reader...


  1. I wish my wife could just go poof and be ready...its a process to look this good she tells me.

  2. Yea right there with you Bearman... lol. My subconscious must be trying to make this a real life situation via the comic...

  3. Oh be up in your neck of the woods today... Coming for the fireworks...


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